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What's up FRFR

Hey yall! I told you I would be doing better with my blogging lol and look at me... doing better!

Often times people ask me where do I get my inspiration for what I talk about or blog and honestly I never know what I am going to say but one conversation with one person literally sets the tone for what I want other to know, learn and grow from.

About two weeks ago on a Saturday I posted on Facebook "This is the first time in months I don't have anything to do". A lot of people responded but two particular friends made comments that I really needed to hear. One said "GET SOME REST" and the other said "Come meet me for lunch". I read both of the comments and honestly decided to stay in bed that entire day. Now... the day ended up getting pretty exciting by that afternoon but that's not for here lol; but yes I did rest the entire day.

The next day was a Sunday and got up and started moving around for church as normal. My friend called me... and it was early so I was alarmed and instantly answered and she started talking to me like normal so I called down and then she said "you ignored my comment yesterday!" I said ohh girl I literally got up and cooked breakfast and went back to me girl" and of course she understood and we continued talking about some things and I sort of really needed that conversation too; but I digress.

What stood out to me most about that call was my friend held me accountable. She basically said I reached out and you ignored me; what's up with that! And guess what... I APPRECIATE THAT TYPE OF ACCOUNTABILITY! Its super important to have people around you that will hold you accountable and call you out when you are messing up! Everybody around you cannot be a "yes man". How will you ever become the greatest person you can be with people around you that uphold your dysfunction? It won't happen!

Also; the friend that said "GET SOME REST" was absolutely correct! And for extra points she called on Saturday to make sure that's what I was doing lol seriously I love my tribe!

If you love her/him? If you care about her/his well being; there is nothing wrong with saying "hey what's up for real for real?" You will never know what how much a simple conversation can be changed into something life changing!

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