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Hey ladies (and gentlemen if you're reading)

I feel so good typing this blog this week! I couldnt wait to get in a quiet place so I could transcribe it all out.

This week as you read this; I want you to focus on creating an environment for hope to grow. The definition of hope is; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. I am a church girl and I am going to sound like a preacher when I say this but how many of yall are living in expectation for God to move some things! lol I told you it was going to be churchy lol

But seriously its time for us to starve our fears and allow hope to grow. Set an atmosphere for growth and production and prosperity. If anyone or anything new comes into your life ask yourself; is this person or thing conducive to the environment I am creating.

We have 3 more months left in the year and that means nothing! You can start today!

Set your boundaries

Create and environment for hope to grow


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