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Sideline Friends

Whats up yall! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL week so far. Today is HUMP DAY so the week is almost over. I could not wait to get this blog out and hopefully you can see why.

The other day I was at home doing home stuff lol ie: cleaning up, napping, whatever. And I was watching an interview on AMC. The interviewer was speaking with Matt Damon and he asked him did he have any influence on the reconnection of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and this was his response "no I didnt have anything to do with it but I am enjoying sitting on the sideline watching their happiness".

That comments was so real to me; imagine your friends sitting on the sidelines encouraging you and supporting you in all that you do! In life we should have sideline friends AND we should also BE sideline friends.

It is TOTALLY ok to step back and let your friends shine in their area of expertise! Being a sideline friend is the best seat in the house lol you get a chance to see ALL of the show from beginning to end.

So I encourage you as you read this to do a self check... do I have sideline friends that will push and support me AND am I a good sideline friend.

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1 Comment

Sep 23, 2021

This blog post is so podcast ready. We should make this a topic. Let's set a date.

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