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What does the label say?

Wow! I took a break from blogging and didn't realize until a few weeks ago that I took almost a 2 year break. It legitimately wasn't supposed to be that long but here we go again and this time it will be different.

In previous blogs we have talked about so many numerous things and for our welcome back blog we are going to talk about certifications lol. I know in your head you are saying "katie what are you talking about" ok let me tell you!

When we go shopping we see fruit and vegetables and they have stickers that say things like.. Non GMO, Organic, Vegan Etc. When we buy makeup and perfumes and shampoos; on the label it says "non toxic". We feel those products are more safe than others that we purchase, correct?

So the question remains; if we don't want genetically modified foods inside of our body and we don't want to wear toxic perfumes and make up... why do we continue to allow toxic people into our lives?!

Here are a few reasons; we could be lonely, comfortable with the person, or just complacent. The solution to this problem is easy; read the label that the person shows you when you meet them. Very rarely in life do adults change.. lets be honest, we don't want to change ourselves so why make that a requirement for others. That's not fair at all! When people show us who they are at the beginning; please believe them lol that's so cliche but so real.

  1. Believe the red flag

  2. Believe the person

If you choose to have a person in your life after they have shown you what they are about AND you know you are uncomfortable with it; at that point its not their fault anymore.

  1. Set your boundaries

  2. Stick to them

Also don't feel bad if you still have that toxic person in your life; its never too late to make the necessary changes!

This is just my opinion.. not law.. but it has helped me over the last 40 years *kisses*

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1 Comment

Valerie Champion
Valerie Champion
Aug 02, 2023

Welcome back! Great topic to bring to light! Toxic people is just as hazardous as food or makeup! I don't want either!

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