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Are we still overthinking?

Whats up ?! Whats up?! Whats up?!? I said that in my Martin voice and if you don't know who Martin is well then baby you are seriously too young; go ahead and google the show please (inserts eyeroll)

I took a week off from blogging to be a mom and deal with life which has been absolutely crazy an hectic; between kids starting a new school ( I officially have 2 middle schoolers) to Covid literally devastating the community I live in.... I had to just chill for a week BUT I AM BACK!!

God told me so much while I was out that week; I guess he also needed to get my attention too but I had to talk to you all about overthinking. Last week I was at work... working of course and I had opened my outlook and answered a few emails; I also have sub folders and there are emails in that folder too; but I said to myself "I wont open that now its going to be too many emails and overwhelm me" so for a few hours I did EVERYTHING except open that sub folder. When I finally did it was only one email there AND that email wasnt even for me... it wasnt even for my department! sat and chuckled because I avoided and was overthinking when it as so unnecessary!

How many times in life do we not open the email, walk through the door, take the risk because we are overthinking? Imagine what we have missed out on because we were afraid when in all actuality... its not even bad!

I challenge you to take the risk and walk through the door. Open the email, try it a different way and see what happens, change your outlook and perspective and....


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1 Comment

Aug 18, 2021

I completely agree that we can cause more harm in overthinking. Thanks for sharing.

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