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YOU are the Chosen one!

Two more days and we will be in September. Only 3 more months to do whatever it is that you had planed for 2021; but no rush and no problem; believe me, if its meant to get done it will get done.

I was having a conversation with my pastors wife (who is the BESTEST PERSON EVER) yesterday and we were talking about a few things and while she was talking it came to me; you aren’t the only one that has had that experience and then today I was speaking with one of my best friends and casually said “you aren’t the only one” and yesterdays conversation instantly popped into my head.

Listen… you aren’t the only one but you are the one God has chosen and has given the grace to walk through this experience right now!

I personally have been in a space where I was like ok why me God and why now?!? And Gods response has always been why not you? What makes me so special that I cant have a trial or a moment of “going through”?!? Tuh, like Katie who do you think YOU are lol

The wonderful part is that even in your hard time... difficult time.. trial... God gives you this immeasurable grace to keep on pushing through it all.

So no... you arent the only one that will go through this BUT you are the one that God has chosen to go through it... and go through it with grace :)

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1 Comment

Aug 31, 2021

God says, His grace is sufficient and that is what we should stand on to get us through.

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