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The Plight of a Single Mom

I have contemplated for days about making this blog post… I have prayed about it because it wont be received by everyone but PLEASE know these are my feelings and I am coming from a good place.

Nobody and I mean absolutely NOBODY starts a life with someone either thinking or planning for it to end; but as we know…. Things happen in life and they happen daily and life has to keep on moving. I will admit; 2 ½ years ago my plan was to never be a single parent; I know people who PLAN on being a single parent but I wasn’t one of them. Yet, I found myself in that position and not only did I have to adjust but my children, my family, and my friends had to make the adjustment also.

I am only able to give you a piece of a womans point a view because… I am a woman, I am pretty sure men have their feelings but I wanted to give everyone a quick look into a single moms life… being flexible is the MAIN thing you have to understand.

A single mom is being everything in her house; cook, maid, taxi driver, Miss Fix It, preacher, teacher, lawyer, referee… the list goes on an on. So if you call your homegirl and shes just not in the mood; don’t think shes acting funny; shes just tired!

Some single moms are starting ALL the way over; her house might not be as jazzy as your but you know what… shes proud of it because she is and has worked hard for what she has. He couch might be missing a leg or her lamp bulb blew before you got there… its ok; don’t bring up her shortcomings.

The plight of a single mom is trying to make sure everything in her childrens life is functioning efficiently ON TOP of just being herself.

Patience, Grace, Understanding…. Are all qualities we as friend have to have to support our single moms.

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