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Relax, Have Faith, Make Money: Elevate!

Alright! Alright! Alright! So today yall are going to get a real deal holy field Katie! The "E" in I'm DOPE stands for elevation and quite as kept; ya girl Katie has not be elevating her thinking. One of my really good friends legit called me out on it; in the best way she could and basically said "and I will not tolerate this at all". All I could say was ok... because she was absolutely correct! How can i tell others to elevate their way of thinking and I am ok with sitting back and watching them actually do it!?

So guess what Katie did? She took a moment of reflection... I stopped moving for a few days and I sat back and observed the way others move. I encourage you to take a moment to look at your life from the outside it and I can promise you that it will absolutely blow your mind. While you are looking at your life from the outside in; observe someone else's life also. Be mindful that I didn't say compare because comparison kills but observe. Always put yourself in a position of growth. Repeat after me: I dont know it all!

So back to my moment of reflection.... I got to do better lol I can do better and I will do better! This morning Bishop William Murphy stated that for the next 33 days we will be believing for miracles, signs, and wonders. I am applying that to my life and also for the next 33 days I will speak to myself and say "Katie, you can do it". Insert your name there... say; Tiffany, Ashley, Natalie, Toya, Aubrey... whatever your name is.... YOU CAN DO IT!

I have read stories about Disney and McDonalds and other corporations but I also know about Camden Lane Creative Agency and I know about The Communal Group and I know about Naturally Made Beauty Bar and Elegant Couture and I have seen the work and I have seen then go from a thought to an entire working corporation with employees and invoices and everything! You don't have to look for celebrities or big businesses for inspiration.... your girlfriends are killing the game!

Think bigger.... Think greater... believe it will happen. Faith without works is dead soooooo make some moves pooh lol you HAVE to get it done.

And because I know you're reading this... thank you for pulling me together the other day. Also thank you for showing me what black girl magic is over the last few days. I am going to say this and then I am finished.... get you some people around you that are authentic! Not just saying things to you that you want to hear but the things you dont want to hear.

Lets elevate together yall!

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