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Lessons I have learned from Donald Trump

Today; December 14th, 2020; the state of California and its 55 electoral votes made Joseph R Biden our 46ths president of the great United State of America. We all know it didnt come easily thought; it came with alot of opposition from the republican party but at the end of the day he won.... and I voted for him! I am excited President Trump is out of the office BUT I have to say i learned a few things during his presidency and these aren't all in chronological order.

I learned in life I have to have consistency in whatever I do. If Trump never taught us anything else he taught us how to be consistent. As our president; he never waivered on being one of the most vile and unethical persons I have ever seen in my entire life. He kept that up the ENTIRE time he was our president and even while he was campaigning. In life and in business we should be consistent in EVERYTHING we do! From being faithful to friends and family members to producing and selling amazing products. Consistency is key.

Another thing I learned is to keep a stable group of loyal people behind me. We have all watched how Trumps friends and associates stood up by him even when he was in the wrong. We all sat back in amazement while this was happening and couldn't understand it. Its because his fans, friends, associates, and others were his ride or dies! Listen; we have to get us a group of friends that are that solid lol even until this day as I type this, their loyalty is unshaken! As many of you know; I have a solid core group of friends and they are all friends with each other. I implore you to find you a core group... pray about it and ask God to lead and direct you to make the right decisions. I dont EVER want my core to support me in the wrong though; unlike Trumps friends and associates; my core will call me out and say no thats wrong! Him on the other hand... its another story.

I could go on and on but I will finish with this last point; he never stopped trying! OMG if you dont take anything else away from this moment; DONT QUIT! He won the first election which totally amazed us all. This time around he knew he would have to work and he worked! He didnt quit! He told alot of lies and said alot of bad things but he kept moving! Again; as you are reading this; he still hasnt accept defeat AND his core is still behind him lol. Listen; when everything is against you... your household is out of order, your business isnt working the way that you think it should, maybe the new relationship hit a bump... DONT QUIT! If an ill equipped 74 year old man can run for president and get 7 million votes; YOU...yes YOU can run that company! Write that book! Sing that song! Be the best wife and mother! Dont quit! Keep pushing and keep fighting until the end... you never know how it will work out for you *shrung*

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