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Girl Stop It!

Pressure gets hot

And with heat come mirages

So you think it's cool over there

Your thirst is real

But water can't fill

What comparison kills

Those are lyrics from a song by singer Jonathan McReynolds called Comparison Kills.

Yesterday was August 1st and while on social media I saw so many people and influencers talking about the first of the month and setting all of these goals which are PERFECT! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it at all!

BUT... you know there is always a but lol

Its important for me to let you know that if you didnt meet the goals you set in July and its now August that its TOTALLY ok!! Remember... everybody has a different journey and timing. Dont beat yourself up because its August and you haven't completed everything you wanted to by this date. Also... stuff happens.... and sometimes the stuff is BIG and you have to regroup and reorganize; the point is you are still moving.

Girl stop comparing your story to someone elses you see because your story is uniquely made just for you. They started a business and made 20k in one month..... they started their weight loss journey and have lost 50 lbs.... they went back to school and are making straight A's but you... you and your wonderful self can start your business and make 50k in one month, if weight loss is your journey you and your unique self can lose 100lbs.... you can go back to school and graduate early because whats for you is JUST FOR YOU!

You got this.... smile :) Let them see you sweat and keep working!

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