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Don't Forget

Hey!!! Let me apologize; I have totally been slipping when it comes down to blogging because life has just been life but I promise I am going to do much better.

I knew it was time to come back and talk to you all but I didn't know what about; if you know me I always say I neve want to waste your time so I patiently waited for what God wanted me to share with you all and I got it while watching the movie Twilight....

I am such a geek and nerd at times; I love watching Marvel movies and things like that. Once I saw Twilight on Netflix I was in HOG HEAVEN! So.... as I was watching it again for like the 500th time lol it was on the end where Edward was going to kill the other vampire for wanting to kill Bella his girlfriend and Carlisle (the ruler of the good vampires) stopped him and said "Edwards, remember who you are".... whew! WHAT A WORD!!!!!!!! And I said to myself; thats it!

Who you are will determine how others treat you. The way you treat yourself is also important.

Its imperative as functional humans that we always remember who we are and what we stand for. Many times we can get into situations where our character will be put to the test; always remember who you are. Never allow anyone to take you out of your normal element.

Twilight is a fictional movie and novel but our lives are real. Remembering who you are and applying it to your standard of living will allow you to be a highly functional adult and YOU will be the one in control!

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1 comentário

23 de jul. de 2021

No worries! Life can be a distraction also. LOL

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